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Collaborative problem solving is not only a parenting style, but a cultural shift. It is a different way of looking at your child, yourself, and others around you. While the groups are geared towards parents / guardians of kids with behavior problems, the ideas and tools taught can be applied to everyone you interact with.

More than a wonderful learning opportunity, CPS groups offer a support system of people, who understand what it is like to live with, and feel isolated by children with behavioral or developmental challenges. Many people who attend for the first time comment, "These people understand me, I'm not alone."

If you are interested, or to find out more about this community, please peruse our website or contact us at:

"I am a single mom with 3 kids. Two of them 24 & 26. I also have a 14 year-old son with behavioral disabilities. His therapist told me about the collaborative problem solving group, so I decided to try it out. Before CPS I was alone and at the end of my rope. After the first group I went to, I was not alone anymore. It's a support group for parents of behaviorally challenged children. I've done the group 4 times in the last one and a half years, that's how much it has helped me. The instructor, Debbi Barreras, is a fantastic and awesome, teacher and person. I'm very happy I have found this group."